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Sustainability and Social responsibility

In Japan the leaf which served as the inspiration for the logo used in communication about activities related to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), the Ginkgo leaf, is considered ‘the bearer of hope’ and a symbol of peace. The symbolism of this leaf adds to the themes of the CSR policy. Okura Hotels & Resorts presents this logo when it comes to their internal and external CSR communications. The ambition of the Okura is to be hospitable towards guests, the society and the environment. To us, CSR is a way of operating a hotel, focused on economic results (Profit), respect for people inside and outside of the hotel (People) and respect for the effect that the hotel has on the environment (Planet).


Hotel Okura Macau policy is to undertake to create a more environmentally-friendly operation and to increase awareness to staff and guests for the issues of recycling and waste reduction to align with the government’s future development of environmental laws and regulations. We are committed to take responsibility for the environment, not only in the local community of Macau but right across the Globe.


In 2015 Hotel Okura Macau has received “Green Hotel - Gold Award” from the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) collaborated by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), with support by the Macau Hotel Association and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, and the Macao Hotel Employees Association. The assessment criteria for the Award are based on 3 areas: 1) Green Leadership and Innovation made by the hotel’s senior management to implement environmental initiatives and encourage staff to participate in environmental programs, 2) Green Programs and Performance measured the daily operations compliance with environmental regulations to improve of environmental quality, 3) Partner Synergy – explores opportunities to inform suppliers and contractors the importance of environmental management and encourage them to adopt their own environmental strategies to participate in the local environmental activities.


In 2016 Hotel Okura Macau was presented with the “Environmental Performance Gold Award” at the 4th Annual “Business Awards of Macau”. The Business Awards of Macau is jointly organized by De Ficção Multimedia Projects and The Charity Association of Macau Business Readers. 


Our main environmental characteristics:

- Established effective internal and external environmental communication channels. Internal channels include staff notice boards, biweekly email and “Green Tips”.

- Acquired ISO 14001 and carried out surveillance audit every year.

- Installed automatic speed curtains at loading bays to prevent losing indoor air-conditioning.

- Segregate food waste and adopt food waste composter to treat food waste.

- Used posters or notices to promote the idea of reducing food waste to employees and guests at the hotel restaurants, catering establishments and staff canteens.

- Used electrical vehicles for ground service.

- Established the reward mechanism to motivate guests to actively adopt green practices. For example, provide MOP 5 discount for guests who bring their own reusable food containers for take-away.

- Used electronic means (e.g. TV display at hotel lobby) instead of leaflets for promoting environmental activities to guests.


Hotel Okura Macau will continue to participating in the “Macao Green Hotel Award” with the Macao Environmental Protection Bureau to achieve towards environmental excellence to turn Macao in to green city for the local community and tourists.