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In celebration of the Chinese New Year tradition, our own made festive puddings are now available for ordering and the beginning of welcoming the best wishes for the new year.


Chinese New Year puddings are the must-have festive treats during this most important celebration occassion to Chinese societies. It significantly symbolizes “promotion” and “prosperity” because the pronunciation of “pudding” in Chinese sounds similar with “up” so that traditionally it is also an ideal gift for family, friends and business partners. 

Our Executive Chef, Chef Chin prepares premium ingredients in his handmade Classic New Year puddings, Traditional Taro Pudding and Chinese Turnip Pudding which are full of New Year taste!


Price: MOP188 per box


  • 1 - 50 boxes will receive 10% discount
  • 51 - 100 boxes will receive 15% discount
  • 101 boxes or above will receive 20% discount

Pick-up date: 13 - 24 January 2020

Pick-up time: 10:00 - 20:00

Pick-up location: Nagomi, at Lobby, Hotel Okura Macau

Terms and Conditions: