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2 Adults Per Room
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  • From 09 until 30 April 2019
  • Yamazato Japanese Fine Dining
  • (853) 8883 5127
【Exclusive at Yamazato】Food adventure of April - experience exceptional taste from Flathead Lobster and Premium Melon from Kagoshima!

Flathead Lobster from Kagoshima

Flathead Lobster contains rich vitamin E which is good for beauty, and its creamy texture makes the best miso soup.

Price: MOP160


Premium Melon, Hizoukko (秘蔵っ娘), from Maki Farmland

Hizoukko is cultivated by professional melon farmers at Maki Farmland of Shibushi in Kagoshima. Hizoukko is well adored in Japan with its exceptional sweetness from the 17% sugar content and now only available at Yamazato from 09 until 30 April, the first place outside of Japan.

Price: MOP120 per piece


Location: 28 Floor, Hotel Okura Macau

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