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Hotel Okura Macau received the “Environmental Performance Gold Award” at the Environmental Bureau Office on June 14, 2019. Mr. Niek Hammer, General Manager attended the award ceremony and received the award on behalf of Hotel Okura Macau.

The Macao Green Hotel Award started from 2007 and is organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) in collaboration with the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and support by the Macau Hotel Association, the Macau Productivity &Technology Transfer Center and the Macao Hotel Employees Association. The assessment criteria for the Award are based on 3 areas namely Green Leadership and Innovation made by the hotel’s senior management to implement environmental initiatives and encourage staff to participate in environmental programs, Green Programs and Performance measured the daily operations compliance with environmental regulations to improve of environmental quality and Partner Synergy – explores opportunities to inform suppliers and contractors the importance of environmental management and encourage them to adopt their own environmental strategies to participate in the local environmental activities.

The hotel has implemented a number of measures, including using water-saving nozzles, collecting and recycling waste paper, ink and toner cartridges, plastic bottles and aluminum cans, encouraging promotions to customers via electronic means or through social networking instead of paper leaflets, replacing plastic bottles for soap and shampoo with soap dispensers and avoiding food wastage by reducing the purchase of food with short life spans.

It has been Hotel Okura Macau policy to undertake to create a more environmentally-friendly operation and to increase awareness to staff and guests for the issues of recycling and waste reduction to align with the government’s future development of environmental laws and regulations. 

It is a great honor for Hotel Okura Macau to achieve its second Gold Award following its award back in 2015. The award is motivation for us all to take responsibility for the environment, not only in the local community of Macau but right across the Globe.